Oral Sex: Why YOU Need To Think About Safer Fellatio!


Oral sex isn't as risky as intercourse when it comes to STD's, but there is still plenty of risk involved. There's even more risk involved if you swallow your partner's semen. Here's the reason YOU need to think about safer fellatio! Safer Oral Sex This is a question with a simple enough answer – or … [Read more...]

Oral Sex – Safety First (And How To Talk To Your Partner About It)


Oral sex is commonly engaged in without thought to safety - but you should take precautions. Here's how to have safer oral sex, and how to bring it up. Why You Need To Consider Safer Oral Sex It’s relatively common for people, especially with younger couples, to engage in oral sex without talking … [Read more...]

Free Report: 4 Sex Secrets To A TRULY Wild Sex Life


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Should You Have Sex Before Age 18?


Teen sex is common these days - you see it on television and in movies, you hear about teenage celebrities getting busy and kids at school are trying it too. But is it right for YOU? Should you do it, or should you wait? Legality Let's face it - it's not legal for people to have sex if they're under … [Read more...]