Oral Sex – Do You Need A Condom And Can You Get An STD?


Oral sex isn't something that makes you think of STD's automatically -  you've probably heard that the greatest risk for transmitting sexual infections such as HIV, AIDS, chlamydia and syphilis come from anal sex and vaginal intercourse. But can STD's be transmitted through mouth to genital sex? … [Read more...]

What Are The Side Effects Of Oral Birth Control?


Oral birth control is a very popular form of birth control and is often used alone or with other methods (such as condoms) to prevent unwanted pregnancy. However, oral birth control isn't for everyone. There are a number of side effects that go along with taking it, ranging from a little weight gain … [Read more...]

What To Keep In Mind – And In Your Purse – If You’re Single


Safe sex is the best kind of sex, especially if you're single. Many single women aren't ready to get pregnant and have a baby, and nobody wants to contract a sexually transmitted disease or infection like chlamydia or HIV and AIDS. If safety is on your checklist for great sex, here are some things … [Read more...]

The South Rises Again – In Pregnancies


I have nothing against Southerners.I want to say that up front because I’ve traveled around the southern part of America a few times and found myself admiring the beautiful lands, the great food, and the good people of the South. As a Northerner I always have this fear of being discovered for my … [Read more...]