Flirt Like An Alpha Male And Attract Women TODAY!


Flirting and communicating with women, requires you first understand the fundamentals of attraction. Without this knowledge, the flirting formula and techniques you are about to learn won’t have any significant meaning to you. So spend some time now understanding these very core concepts to use … [Read more...]

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Stripper Seduction


A stripper is not like any other woman. Before I get into some correct techniques to use when talking to a stripper, let me emphasize that over 90% of the guys in these clubs take a totally backwards approach—and make stupid mistakes that you must avoid. As with all aspects of stripper seduction, … [Read more...]

How To Establish A Connection With A Stripper


A stripper is the ultimate goal of any true Mack. When you are trying to gain the affection of a stripper, it is essential to establish a connection early on. Here is a short tutorial on how you can instantly separate yourself from the other guys in the club with little effort. Make Eye Contact With … [Read more...]