Q&A: How Can I Get Her To Let Me Finish In Her Mouth?


It's no secret that guys absolutely love blowjobs. In fact, many men would prefer getting a blowjob to having sex. Some women, however, don't like giving men oral sex and especially don't like the idea of swallowing semen when he has an orgasm. Is there any way to get a girl turned on by the idea of … [Read more...]

Sperm, Semen and Safe Sex – What You Need To Know


Sex education, unfortunately, is at a low nowadays. Although our society has evolved exponentially since sex was considered completely taboo – sex education is still primitive. Television shows, movies, music and even the Internet has taken sex to a completely new level, with songs about “booty … [Read more...]

Oral Sex and Orgasm Dilemma – I Want To Finish In Her Mouth…


Men love blow jobs. That's a fact.Many men also love finishing in a woman's mouth during a blow job.It can make them feel powerful or good about themselves and for some men, it just feels better physically to orgasm in a woman's mouth than finishing another way.Unfortunately, not all women … [Read more...]