Q&A: My Sexual Fantasies Are Taking Over My Life


Both men and women think about sex often during the day, but most people can push those thoughts aside so they can focus on the task at hand. Some people, however, struggle with thinking about sex almost all the time and have trouble focusing on their daily life and find that the sex thoughts are … [Read more...]

What ME a Sex Addict?


Only a few of us think that the way we participate in sexual activity is addictive, but often the beginnings of sexual addictions show up in covert ways that we may miss if we are not attentive.I just spent three days at a symposium on addiction and the speakers there reminded me of just how … [Read more...]

Help! Anal Sex Is The ONLY Way His Penis Stays Hard!


While a great number of people prefer not to have anal sex or never even bother to try it, many others enjoy anal sex as a part of their sexual repertoire.Anal sex can be fun and intriguing if you’re smart about it, but what if your partner becomes addicted to anal sex? What do you do? Dear Dan … [Read more...]

How Do We Keep the “New” Feeling and Not Get Too Comfortable?


In new relationships, there is the "new" feeling that everyone loves.There's a scientific explanation for it.  It's a chemical released by the brain that gives us those warm, fuzzy feelings when we first meet someone new and the relationship gets off to a great start.Unfortunately, those "new" … [Read more...]