Q&A: First Time Sex – I Didn’t Bleed. Is That Normal?


First time sex feels different for everyone. It may hurt or feel tight, or it may feel great. You may have heard that girls bleed when they lose their virginity. Many years ago, a woman's blood on her husband's bedsheets was proof that his bride was a virgin when he married her. Do all girls bleed … [Read more...]

Q&A: My Girlfriend Doesn’t Want To Lose Her Virginity


Having sex for the first time is a big step - one that involves consent from both partners and a lot of thought on each end. If one partner wants to have sex before the other, it may pose a problem. Here's what you can do if you and your partner don't agree on when to take that step.  Question: My … [Read more...]

Q&A: Help! I Like This Girl But She Has A Boyfriend


When you like someone and they're already involved with someone else, your first instinct may be to simply let it go. But what if they're giving you signals that they like you too, and you really would like to date them? Can you "steal" them away from their current relationship or should you still … [Read more...]

Q&A: More Anal Sex… How To Clean Up Afterward


It's a fact - anal sex can get messy. Whether you ejaculate in the anus during anal sex or not, you'll still want to clean up afterward. Preventing the spread of bacteria and keeping yourself comfortably clean are important after anal sex. Here's how you can clean up afterward so you can have fun … [Read more...]