Sexting: How To Evolve From Dirty Texts To Pictures


Sexting is a great turn on, but what do you do when you want MORE? Men enjoy visual stimulation as opposed to mental, which is why women love getting dirty texts but men want to actually see something sexy. Here's how to get your partner interested in sending you something more visually … [Read more...]

Sexting: Secret Conversation While In The Same Room


Sexting is a super hot way to stay in touch with your girl when you're not together, but can you use it to entice your lover while you're in the very same place together? You bet! Having a private talk with your partner when you're just a few feet away from them (especially if you're doing something … [Read more...]

Sexting: Keeping It Hot While You’re Away On Business


Sexting is such an incredible way to keep your partner turned on and thinking about you (and what she wants to do to you or what she wants you to do to her) while you're away on the job. It's easy for two partners to grow apart a little sexually when they're not near each other physically, but that … [Read more...]

Sexting: “Power Words” – Turn Your Girl On At The Push Of Button


Sexting is such a great way arouse a woman (without even touching her), but many guys fail to use the right language when sexting and it ends up not working at all. The most important part of sexting is to use the kind of language that instantly gets your partner thinking about sex - and gets your … [Read more...]