3 Ways To Get Her To Do Anything You Want


Kinky sex can be so much fun, but women aren't always into what men like. Here are three easy ways you can get your lover interested in what you want! So What's Your Thing? It’s this one fetish you've been dreaming of since teenhood. Ever since you realized your penis’ calling, you couldn’t wait for … [Read more...]

Should You Accept Your Lover’s Strange Fetish?


Kinky sex is a great way to keep your relationship fresh and new. But should you accept your partner's strange fetish or should you draw the line? What She Said: I think this might be more fantasy then fetish. Whether its BDSM, high heels or having your eyeballs licked, everyone has a sexual … [Read more...]

How Do I Tell My Girlfriend About My Foot Fetish?


A foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes in the sexual realm. Foot fetishes are usually the worship or obsession with female feet. If you want to tell your girlfriend about it, you are probably nervous about how she will take it.It’s important to remember that every guy and girl has a … [Read more...]