When Is Your Kink Really A Fetish?


A kink is something someone really likes during sex - but what is a fetish, and how can you tell if your kink really is that or if it's something more? Who Wants A Boring Sex Life? Nobody enjoys a boring a sex life. Having variety in the bedroom is a natural form of keeping things interesting. Doing … [Read more...]

Top 10 Most Common Kinks & Fetishes


BDSM, kinks and fetishes are actually more prevalent than you may think. Check out the ten most popular kinks & fetishes! Foot Fetish People with a foot fetish get sexually aroused by women's feet. A foot fetish and a shoe fetish are often mistaken for one another - people with a shoe fetish … [Read more...]

Free Report: 4 Sex Secrets To A TRULY Wild Sex Life


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Q&A: MILF Fantasy – I Want To Have Sex With My Step-Mom!


A MILF fantasy is actually quite common - there are many guys out there that either have or had a really hot step-mother who they couldn't help but be attracted to! Of course it's inappropriate, but lots of guys experience it. Most of the time, it passes and nothing more is ever said about it. But … [Read more...]

Q&A: Can I Get Rid Of My Fetish?


A fetish is a common thing for some people to have, and most men and women have a fetish of some kind or another. You've probably heard of many different kinds of fetishes, from a foot fetish to bondage and more. Most individuals indulge in their fantasy without thinking about it, but what do you do … [Read more...]