What Causes Irrational Fear Of Sex?


Sex is everywhere. Sex sells, right? You see sex on television, in movies and you hear it in music. It's on billboards, in newspaper ads and all over the Internet. So logically, as a society, we don't seem very afraid of sex, do we? Surprisingly enough, many people still have a deep seated, … [Read more...]

Vaginal Rejuvenation vs. Penis Size – What Can You Do When Things Start To Get Loose Down South?


Creams, supplements and even equipment for penis enlargement or erectile dysfunction is readily available for men all over the world - but what about women? It's true - after childbirth and as women age, the vagina can become loose and lose sensitivity for both partners. What's a gal to do when … [Read more...]

How Keeping A Journal Can Reveal If Your Lover Is Cheating


Our minds aren’t perfect at remembering special details and specific facts. Far from it.Our brains work selectively; they store and recall certain bits of information while forgetting others.For example, you might remember, for whatever reason, a phone number that has little or no importance to … [Read more...]

8 Ways You May be Betraying Your Lover


Infidelity comes in many different forms besides having a sexual relationship with someone other than your lover, assuming you've agreed to a monogamous relationship with that person.We're often asked how romantic betrayal  relates to spiritual tenets such as karma and personal destiny. In two … [Read more...]