How To Be A Good, Responsible Dad And Still Have Great Sex With Your Wife


Can you really be a good husband AND a great lover?Remember that she was your wife before she was ‘mom’.Married couples and especially new parents often forget this very important fact. You were couple before you were parents.Your biggest responsibility as parents is to love your children and … [Read more...]

How Your Actions Outside The Bedroom Can Make or Break Your Sex Life


I have a little experience with bad sex. I’ve been married three times. This last one took. To tell you the truth my first two husbands would say my current husband was lying if he told them how often and how amazing our sex life is. Honestly, I have been one of those fortunate women who have … [Read more...]

He Knows I’m Faking It! What Should I Do?


Although we, as women, like to think of ourselves as Oscar winning actresses in the bedroom, the truth is we’re not!And the number of sexually knowledgeable men out there is growing. They’re educated, well-read, and many have gained the amazing ability to spot our fake orgasmic performances every … [Read more...]