Honesty About Previous Sex Partners… How Much Do You Really Need To Share?


The Question: I have been with a man for 5 months. He told me a few months ago that he has strong values and wants to wait for marriage to have sex. I was a little disappointed, but I respect his beliefs. We are very open with each other and I have never lied to him about anything until he asked me … [Read more...]

Calling All Animal Lovers… Dan and Jennifer Team Up With DateMyPet.com


We're really excited to tell you this...We've just teamed up with DateMyPet.com to get the latest dating and relationship tips and advice to their members. Spreading the good word! :-)If you haven't heard of DateMyPet.com yet, you're missing out. They've been featured by The Today Show, Good Morning … [Read more...]

Match.com Learns a Few Tricks from MySpace and Facebook…


The big online dating sites haven't changed much over the last few years. But that's beginning to change...Match.com is finally taking a page from the social networking playbook and adding "communities" or interest groups, much like MySpace and Facebook have done.Instead of just plain … [Read more...]

Seems MySpace and Friendster Aren’t Just For Your Kids Anymore…


Ok, so we all got used to thinking about MySpace and Friendster as online hangouts for the college and younger crowd. But something's changed... These amazingly popular social networking sites seem to have absorbed a large segment of the grown-up population. According to Comscore, the nice folks who … [Read more...]

Users: It’s NOT OK to Lie in Your Profile


OPW -- Sep 26 -- It seems many users and a few industry notables are OK with white lies in profiles.  Here's my thoughts.  Your comments please.Lies are always good for the short term and bad for the long term. Singles need to hold themselves to a higher standard of integrity. I advise … [Read more...]