3 Tips for Keeping Rough Sex Unpredictable


Rough sex can be lots of fun for both you and your partner, but even though you're not necessarily having what is known as "vanilla sex" (you know, the plain, boring kind), it can get monotonous if you're not careful to mix things up every now and then.Some couples get bored of rough sex after … [Read more...]

Amateur Bondage – 8 Tools That Beginners Should Have On Hand


Amateur bondage can be incredibly hot when you've never done it before. It can bring some much needed spice to the bedroom when you've hit a sex rut with your partner, or it can simply be exciting to masturbate in a way that you never have before. Amateur bondage will let you experience all the … [Read more...]

BDSM 101 – Moving Beyond Plain Vanilla Sex


A male friend of mine told me about something embarrassing that happened to him. He was in the throes of passionate sex with his girlfriend when, in a gesture of instinct, he put his hand over her face.Immediately she froze in horror and blurted, “What are you doing?”Well, how do you answer … [Read more...]

Ooh, It Hurts So Good: Sadism & Masochism – The Pleasure of Pain…


The first time I ever had sex was on the hardwood floor of a friend’s house. He was older, on top, and yep, it hurt. But I was amazed at how receptive I was to that discomfort, how I welcomed it and accepted it as part of the complete sex package. Years later, I still feel that mingling of … [Read more...]