Rough, Hard Sex – Is It A Fetish, Or Something More?


There are as many ways to have sex as there are people in the world - whether you enjoy slow, sensual intimacy with your partner or a little raunchy fun, sex is an incredible experience between two people. Many people enjoy rough, hard sex - is it just a fetish or something more? Dear Dan and … [Read more...]

When Domination Goes Wrong


Domination can be fun during sex, but there's times where it crosses the line. Are you the kind of guy that can be too rough during sex? Find out now! Do Men Go Overboard On Purpose? Though not really wishing to hurt or disrespect his partner, he’s just one sold to the image of a man holding his … [Read more...]

Bondage 101: What Every Player Needs To Know!


Bondage is a sexual practice that involves restraints and the immobilization of a submissive partner for sexual gratification. Although it can be done for art, as in the case Shibari (Japanese rope bondage), but it is largely practiced during sex. It can be done with a number of mediums, including … [Read more...]

Q&A: BDSM & Rape Fantasies – How To Make Them Safe And Fun


BDSM and rape fantasies can be fun when no one gets hurt. Real rape is no joke - if you want to engage in this type of fantasy, it needs to be between consenting adults who are comfortable with pushing the boundaries. Here's how to indulge in your BDSM fantasy without going too far. Question: Hey … [Read more...]