How To Introduce Your Girl To Bondage


Introducing your partner to bondage - if that's not something she's already into - is tricky business. If you bring it up in the wrong way, or try the hardcore stuff first, you might just turn her off of bondage and BDSM for good. Here's how to slowly introduce your partner to bondage so you have … [Read more...]

How Do I Introduce BDSM To My Boyfriend?


Everyone has their fantasy or fetish, and everyone likes different things. It's part of what makes us such a sexually diverse culture! Many people are into BDSM, or bondage, whether it's soft BDSM or really getting into dominant and submissive roles. If you like BDSM, how can you introduce it to … [Read more...]

Help! I Fantasize About Being A Prostitute!


Everyone has a fantasy – some, more than others. Many people choose not to act out their fantasies, afraid that their fantasies will offend someone, or embarrass them. You can, however, act out your fantasy in a safe, fun way with your partner, making your sex life that much sweeter. How can you act … [Read more...]

Asexual Wanting BDSM But Not Sex – Is It The Medication?


A self-proclaimed asexual begins taking medication and now finds herself having a strong sex drive - not only wanting sex, but BDSM as well! Is this normal? Is she falling out of the asexual orientation, or does her medication have something to do with it? It may be confusing and intimidating, but … [Read more...]