Help! My Boyfriend Wants To Be Tied Up!


If your partner is into BDSM and you’ve never tried it before, it can be kind of intimidating if you don’t know where to start. Don’t be! You don’t have to start with whips and chains - there are lots of fun, light BDSM ideas to get you started and you can have fun with it from there.   Dear Dan And … [Read more...]

What’s Your Safe Word? How to Get Off Without Getting Hurt


You’ve seen the stories in the news – a woman dies during a sex play session with her husband.The articles are vague, but they usually mention the word “kinky,” a kitchen appliance malfunctioning, and the husband being held for questioning. You don’t want this to happen to you.BDSM is fun and … [Read more...]

Is It Normal For a Virgin to Be Into BDSM?


As a virgin, it's normal to find yourself turned on and sexually excited by many things, even if you've never actually had sexual intercourse.What turns you on is going to be different from what turns someone else on, and it's important to embrace diversity and celebrate your uniqueness!Is there … [Read more...]

Tools of the Trade… Your BDSM Shopping List


So are you ready to get your kink on?What will you need? Where are you going to get it? How crazy do you want to be?This article will offer an interesting twist on classic BDSM items, as well as introduce you to a few new possibilities.Hint: I’ve found a new use for four AA batteries, and the … [Read more...]

Are You Dom or Sub? Sexual Compatibility in the Bedroom


“Harder,” I whispered in the dark.He tried to oblige and picked up the pace a bit.“Harder!” I asked again. I needed it rough.With that he stopped mid-thrust and it was game over for the night.“I can’t treat you like that,” he said with disgust. I felt like a freak.This was sex with my … [Read more...]