The Swinger Lifestyle and Open Relationships – Is it Really CHEATING?


Some couples have a truly amazing, exotic sex life that’s enough to make most anyone jealous.But there’s more to a great sex life than endless sexual adventures and erotic games.It’s not even about those amazing mind-shattering orgasms that many have heard about, but few have ever … [Read more...]

MMF Threesome Dilemma… Why Can’t My Threesome Have One Woman and Two Men?


It's widely known in society that a man enjoys watching two or more women have sex with each other. A huge fantasy among men is to have a threesome with their partner - two women with him right smack in the middle of them.Less mentioned, however, is the threesome where there is one woman and two … [Read more...]

Should I Act On My Threesome Fantasy?


If you're interested in having a threesome with your friends, you might be a little intimidated about how to approach the situation. Even if you or your friends have hinted at it or joked about it before, it can seem a little awkward bringing up the topic seriously.How can you approach that … [Read more...]

Swinger Disaster – He Couldn’t Get It Up! Is All Lost?


Swinging can be a fun and enjoyable way to expand your sexual relationship with your partner and spice up things in the bedroom.Inexperienced swingers, however, may find that the first few times are a little nerve wracking, especially if it involves a group of people.If you find yourself being … [Read more...]