Hey, Are You Guys Swingers?


We have heard so many stories about couples that were confronted or "outed" by friends, family or co-workers about their "lifestyle" and they simply didn't know what to say. Caught off guard, they stumbled, mumbled and bumbled through their explanation, leaving little or no doubt that they were … [Read more...]

Virgin Male Swinger – Are My First Time Fears Normal?


What guy hasn’t fantasized about a threesome?Even married guys have the occasional “swinging” wet dream now and then.However, facing the realities of actually sharing the love of your life with another man or woman for the first time gives rise to questions and insecurities that were never … [Read more...]

When Swinger Sex Goes Horribly Wrong…


Threesomes and swinging are on most male fantasy lists, but what happens when it goes horribly wrong?Over the course of my three marriages I have been encouraged by husbands to engage in a variety of interesting (and some downright bizarre) possible sexual behaviors.  Of course, I tended to marry … [Read more...]

Does Wanting to See My Wife Have Sex With Another Man Make Me Gay?


One of the most popular fantasies out there is the idea of the threesome...Most men love the idea of seeing their woman have sex with another woman while they watch, or the idea of having two women have sex with him at the same time.But threesome fantasies don't stop there...There are also men … [Read more...]

Curious Virgin Swingers – Honey the Neighbors are HOT!


Imagine meeting another couple, neighbors, co-workers, other parents... You become good friends or your kids become good friends, and you find yourself spending lots of time together.And then one evening, maybe after a few drinks by the pool, you start to notice that they're really hot, you start … [Read more...]