The 10 CRAZIEST Things To Do In The Bedroom!


Sex doesn't have to be mundane - open your mind to some of the wildest things you can do during sex and find out just how amazing it can be! What She Said: MissionaryThe good, old-fashioned missionary position. Sure, it has some stodgy connotations due to being heavily (though erroneously) … [Read more...]

Q&A: MMF Threesome – How Can I Get Him To Try It?


A threesome can be fun for everyone involved, but how do you get your man interested in swinging with another guy? Many men are down with swinging, but only if it's a FFM threesome - not a MMF. However, if he gets to indulge in his fantasy of two women, shouldn't you be able to indulge in your own … [Read more...]

How To Host A Swingers Party


Many people like the thought of going to a swingers party. It's certainly a little bit different to your average social gathering! They can be great fun and the place where many fantasies are acted out. But rather than wait around and hope you get invited to one, why not host your own? It's not … [Read more...]

Three Essential Steps To Get Your Partner Into Swinging


Unfortunately swinging, or involving other people in your sexual intimacy as a couple, fills many people with fears and concerns. However, the truth is that swinging - when done the right way - can not only be enormous fun; it can also bring a couple much closer together in the intimacy of their … [Read more...]