How To Have Multiple Orgasms With Tantric Sex


The multiple orgasm has become somewhat of a sexual Holy Grail; often eluded to as the ultimate sexual experience, but frustratingly hard to achieve. It seems as though multiple orgasms should be filed away as relationship urban myth, desirable and yet unachievable as it may be. Yes, Multiple … [Read more...]

Multiple Orgasms – Did You Know That It IS Possible For Men Too?


Tantra is such a vast subject that it's fascinating and awe-inspiring. It includes so much that it can be very confusing to the beginning student. Tantra is an art, a science, a way of life that is honest and courageous. It includes and faces squarely our sexual energy, this awesome force that some … [Read more...]

Finally! The Truth About Female Ejaculation…


Can a woman ejaculate? The answer is a definite, yes. With proper stimulation of the Gspot, women can ejaculate a fluid from ducts located around the urethra. It is located in the front wall of the vagina under the pubic bone.This is a spongy area two inches or more inside the yoni (vagina)  … [Read more...]