How To Make Teen Sex Safer


Teen sex isn't at all uncommon. If you're a teenager and considering sex, here's how to make it safer. Teen sex is no fun if it ends in unwanted pregnancy!As a teen you’re probably wondering about sex and what you can do to stay safe. Curiosity about sex is normal and it’s something that every … [Read more...]

What Is The Best Age To Start Having Sex?


Teenagers (and some adults) are have been asking for quite some time, "What is the right age to start having sex?" Teens are asking because they want to know when they get the green card to let their hormones take control, and adults are asking because they want to know when they should give their … [Read more...]

Parents. You ARE The Sex Ed Teacher.


When was the last time you saw something on your Blackberry of a friend of yours was “sexting” in a photo they've sent you? Don't know what I'm talking about?Good. I didn't until hearing the terms passed around lately in the news and around young people.According to the Urban (a … [Read more...]