Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her


Valentine's Day is a perfect day to show your partner that you truly love and care for her. But just how are you going to do that? There are tons of romantic Valentine's Day ideas out there, and lots of ideas for gifts you can get her on that special day. However, even the gifts that seem romantic … [Read more...]

Alone On Valentines Day? Hot Masturbation Tips For Him AND Her


Flying solo on Valentine's Day doesn't mean that you have to spend the night moping around about how you're not gettin' any. Instead, why not plan to get some - with yourself? Plan an evening of pleasure for yourself, whether it's watching your favorite porn flick or taking a hot bath and relaxing … [Read more...]

Lame Valentine’s Day Ideas That Will Put You In The Doghouse


Valentine's Day is about love - not gifts - so it shouldn't matter what you get your partner, right? Wrong! While you don't have to spend a lot of money on your significant other's Valentine's Day gift, it does have to show that you truly thought about your partner when selecting or making the gift … [Read more...]

Romantic Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipes


Spice up this Valentine's Day with a few drinks concocted with cupid's special day in mind. These drink recipes will invoke everything that makes Valentine's Day special - sex, kissing, orgasms, romance and love! Surprise your significant other with a super special, pink frothy drink on the 14th, or … [Read more...]