Q&A: Dating A Younger Man – Is It OK?


A lot of peole have questions about age differences when dating. Is it ok to date a younger man or a younger woman? It depends. Sometimes age differences are a big deal and sometimes they're not. Here's how to know if the age difference between you and your beau is a big deal, and what you should do … [Read more...]

In Love and Dating… Does Our Age Difference Really Matter?


In the day in age where celebrity couples and other couples are dating even though they're five or even ten years apart in age, it can lead many people to believe that age doesn't matter when dating or getting married.In truth, it does matter but it matters less and less as you get older. Should … [Read more...]

MILF Fantasy – Should I Have Sex With My Ex’s Mom?


When it comes to dating, finding the opportunity to make your move can be intimidating and frustrating. Fortunately, sometimes the universe smiles in your favor and gives you a golden opportunity.What if you don't take it, only to realize later on that you wished you would have taken it? Have you … [Read more...]